Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sago parsnip puree (Maluku)

Bubur Sagu Ubi (Maluku)
100 gr sago plate
1 lt water
100 gr sugar
100 gr brown sugar, curry
LBR 2 pandan leaves, simpulkan
100 gr canary
100 gr red parsnip
250 ml coconut milk from 1 btr peeled grated coconut
LBR 2 pandan leaves
1 tsp salt
How to create:
Canary, peeled, roughly chopped for topping.
A red parsnip, cut dice 1 / 2 x 1 / 2 cm
Rendam sago in 500 ml water for 1 hour to swell.
Tiriskan and waste water.
Cook 1 liter of water with sugar, brown sugar, and pandan leaves until sugar dissolves.
Lift saring ago.
Boil sugar water again, and enter the red cassava sago which has been soft.
Stirred continuously while cooking until cooked and thick.
Sauce: boil all ingredients while continually stirred until thick coconut milk.
Lift, sisihkan.
Put sago porridge in the food bowl.
Give the sauce and chopped taburi canary. Serve.
For 4 portions

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