Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kohu-Kohu With Kasbi Boil

Kohu-Kohu Dengan Kasbi Rebus
Original Cooking from
Maluku Islands, Indonesia
For side dish or as an easy way to do smth jajanan same.
1 kg of cassava, peeled, clean, cut 4
250 g fish castle (teri) fresh tuna can be replaced, clean
1 / 2 grains rather young coconut, peeled, grated lengthwise
2 star fruit fruit vegetables, cut 1 cm
150 g bean sprouts short
1 bunch basil, quotation-quotation
1 lemon fruit, PERAS
banana leaf and pin, to conceal
Mashed the ingredients:
8 cloves of onion
1 tsp roasted paste
2 red chili fruit
5 fruit chili sauce
salt secukupnya
How to Make:
1. Steam until cooked cassava, while the fish is mixed with the puri coconut, star fruit and vegetable ingredients finely. Poke to the average.
2. Wrap the dough with banana leaf shape aft. Roast in the coals to the fire. Lift.
3. Mix the bean sprouts, basil and lime juice.
4. Hidangkan with boiled cassava (kasbi).
For 6 people.

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