Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lieutenant ULUPAHA

Comes from the lieutenant Ulupaha Affairs (Village) Seith in
Jasirah Hitu Ambon Island. He was the coadjutor of Thomas Matulessy leaders Pattimura alias lieutenant Pattimura war against the Netherlands in 1817 years. Lieutenant who was already about this (80 years) assigned to defend the Pattimura Front Hitu on the island of Ambon and become a troop leader. People Jasirah Hitu weapons after the fall of Benteng Duurstede heard on the island of Saparua.
At the beginning of war, troops have been threatening Ulupaha and attack the fort in Negeri Hila
Amsterdam and the post-post defense in the Netherlands Larike, Liang and Waai. At the time the flame wars are against the Dutch islands of Lease on 15 October 1817, Ulupaha the troops attacked a stronghold of the Dutch Larike. Occupied but failed, because the Netherlands by a big rally pasukannya from the sea and land, led Mayor Meyer. Dutch attack and intended to center on defense Ulupaha-Seith Affairs and Home Affairs in the surrounding areas. Ulupaha and struggling to maintain pasukannya Negeri-Negeri Jasirah in North Hitu with the help of troops from Alifuru Seram.
16 October 1817, warlord Buyskes as The Netherlands is the highest come to its own Maluku ordered to attack Hitu common cause that there were violent battle between both parties. Ulupaha troops and eventually push bergerilya in forests. Ulupaha ago to evacuate West Seram and confederate with troops from the fortress of Luhu in Luhu Netherlands. Fortress eventually fell into the hands of the troops Ulupaha.
Netherlands again attacked and occupied West Seram Luhu fortress. Then held a special expedition to capture Ulupaha. In January 1818 this old warrior digotong with Victoria entering the fortress, dated 19 February 1818, the trial court in Ambon flash overturn the death penalty and on 20 February 1818 this old warrior executed the death penalty hanging on the ground that is located in front of the fortress Victoria

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