Saturday, March 14, 2009


Hairun was promoted to replace Sualtan Sultan Ternate Tabarija in the year 1538. At the beginning of his reign, relations with the Portuguese was quite good. But then arise-contravention contravention because ulah the Portuguese political menopoli start with the spice trade of the kingdom be gazed Ternate. Since year 1515 the relationship with the Portuguese subject. Governor Duarto d'Eca demands of clubs relegation from the island of invective. Hairun decline. Contempt action going again. Hairun Sultan and his mother arrested and imprisoned. Ternate people lift arms and the peace will not happen again.
War arising between the years 1563 - 1570 the efforts Portuguese trade. Sultan Hairun send her son Babullah with a strong fleet that attacked the Portuguese in Ambon. They were assisted by people Hitu and those Java. On the Portuguese fleet led by Antonio Peaz attack fleet Ternate and allies. War in Ambon and surrounding areas took place even becoming violent religious war between the Islamic groups against the Christians, the road to peace sought.
On February 27, 1570 held peace between Ternate and Portuguese. With wisdom, Sultan Hairun swear on the Quran and the Governor of Lopez de Mesquita Misa on the Book, that they will maintain the eternal peace. But the next day Mesquita renegade. When Hairun come mengunjunginya in the fortress, Mesquita Antoni Pimentel told his brother to kill him. Since February 28, 1570 until the year 1575 occurred the war between the kingdom of Ternate and Portuguese. Serve notice that the war was the son of Sultan Babullah that Hairun appointed Sultan of Ternate. At that time he will swear not stop the war before all of the Portuguese kingdom terusir

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