Saturday, March 14, 2009

Captain Paul TIAHAHU

Paul Tiahahu was a lieutenant from the war on the
island of Abubu which Nusalaut Pattimura years of war in 1817. Paul and Anthone Rhebok Pattimura assigned to manage the defense Nusalaut. Together with the army of the people he seize the fortress of Beverwyik Sila Leinitu. Dutch troops in the fort is disergap and killed. The combatants from Nusalaut also take part in the battle-field in Saparua, and Haruku Jasirah Hatawano Island Saparua. Also, the kings and starch on the island Nusalaut participate signed Proclamation Haria in Baileu Haria on 28 May 1817.
Paul had a daughter named Martha Christina. Always accompanies her daughter in the field-field battle. Morale Nusalaut heroine who still inspire young people is always spirit Pattimura troops. In addition to leading the women participate in combat, he is also in the midst of the troops with his father and intercept enemy keberaniannya combine in the field of battle Ouw - Ullath Jasirah Saparua
South Island. Heroic battle in front Ouw - ended with the defeat Ullath-combatant combatant people. Captain Paul Tiahahu, Martha daughter Christina, the King's Affairs Hehanussa Titawaai, King Ullath and Pati Ouw caught. They were taken to the ships of war "Everstsen".
In this ship to meet the combatant Matulessy Thomas and the other prisoners. After diinterogasi, Buyskes impose the death penalty against Paul Tiahahu. Date
16 November 1817, with captain Paul Martha daughter Christina Nusalaut and transported to a stronghold in the Beverwyik. On 17 November 1817, in accordance with vonis that he be executed Buyskes shoot shot by gang in front of the Dutch fort Beverwyik. Daughter can not membelanya. After that Martha and he is released roam in forests, so that eventually captured and died on the warship Eversten on 2 January 1818

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