Saturday, March 14, 2009

Captain Luke LISAPALY (Aron)

Luke Lisapaly come from Ihamahu on the island of Saparua. Known also as the captain or the name of Aron. He took part with the people's army assault in Hatawano fortress city in the Netherlands Duurstede Saparua and demolition of the Mayor Beetjes in the beach on the island of Saparua Waisisil. After that he was appointed as one of the people's army commander on the island of Haruku, under the leadership of Luke Selanno lieutenant to seize the fort Zeelandia and also led the diserahi task forces in Jasirah Hatawano to repel the attack of Dutch troops. At the end of the war, Luke Lisapaly alias
Aron lieutenant caught and taken to
Ambon. Ambonsche Raad van Yustitie decide the death penalty hanging. He attacked the fort answerable Duurstede Saparua in the city and take part in the murder of a teacher in Amahai with the older sister and her children and the murder of Yulianus Tuankotta, older brother of a renegade Patih Akoon. On 16 January 1818 Luke was dead execution hanging in front of the fortress city of Ambon Victoria

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