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Jonker is the name of the captain of a group of army leaders who dedicate to the Maluku VOC. He was involved in a lot of action to help uphold the authority of VOC in Indonesia. At the end of the hayatnya, alleged he was a trick and killed when kediamannya diserbu in the year 1689.

Began early
Jonker came from noble families in the Muslim Maluku. [1] [2] Name Jonker own name is not original, but a degree tamaela used in
Ambon in that era. His name is written in the year 1664 a deed as JonckerJouwa de Manipa [3], indicating the possibility that it came from Manipa Island, West Seram. At first he struggled hard against the power of VOC. Resistance is estimated to occur between the years 1634 - 1643, the War on Hitu II or also called the War Wawane. But he will lose, and perlawanannya troops and the troops of King Island Tahalele from Boano become prisoners of VOC.

Lead to war
Around year 1654, he was in control of Arnold de Vlamingh van Oudtshoorn [4], and included in the part of the troop leaders Tahalele a lieutenant of King placed in Batavia. [5] [6] At that time he became a representative of King Tahalele, and possibly start using degree young king, who dipadankan become jonker in the
Netherlands. While leading the troops in Maluku VOC in Sri Lanka, King Tahalele a gash. Jonker was a successor leader, and since that time the title of lieutenant disandangnya start. After the battle, and he led the troops in Maluku that bermarkas Batavia.
Jonker lieutenant involved in a variety of other battlefield in support of VOC, including in East Timor, the west coast of Sumatra, Sulawesi, the east coast of Java, Jakarta and Banten. In one final battle that lasted for seven years (1675 - 1682) against Trunojoyo, he even led the troops which does not consist only of those
Moluccas, but also the people of Makassar, Bugis, and Mardijkers. Services-up services, it is to get a region in the area of Cilincing, North Jakarta. Until the end of the 1960s, the area is still known as the community Pejongkoran

End of life
After the Governor General Cornelis Speelman in 1684 died, the influence Jonker cause that is too big shudder from head VOC in Batavia at the time of Isaac de l'Ostale de Saint Martin. Jonker can not be considered. Jonker started less power, and a lieutenant Buleleng Bali is the descendant of former slaves VOC Jonker was to separate groups of troops from Jonker based on their tribes. Peak of the conflict that is happening in the year 1689, which he accused the rebel and the occurrence of hostilities between Jonker and followers in Pejongkoran against VOC and supporting troops. Noted that a lieutenant named Wan Abdul Malay Good assigned by VOC is seriously injured in the battle. [7] a lieutenant Jonker deemed meritorious by the VOC, eventually killed killed.

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