Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lieutenant KAKIALI

Kakiali is the son of Tepil the title "lieutenant Hitu" pure and of the Prime Jamilu (Nusapati) is one of the Prime (leader) Hitu in
Jasirah Hitu Ambon Island. Kakiali famous as the hero in the war I Hitu years 1634 - 1643 against the Dutch colonists (VOC). Political monopoly of trade and the "hongi tochten" at the time of VOC very torment of people in the kingdom Hitu (Land Hitu). Therefore people Hitu (South) Central Maluku in the opposition, led by Kakiali.
In the year 1634 start flame wars against the Dutch and the people Hitu assisted by Gimelaha Luhu from Jasirah Hoamual in West Seram, and the combatants in the island's Hatuhaha Haruku and people from the island of Saparua Iha. In addition Hitu people get help from
Makassar and Ternate. After digempur fleet by the Dutch troops sent from Batavia (Jakarta), the combatant Hitu and forced to stand aside on the mountain fortress Wawani who made a strong defense, led by commander and Hitu Patiwani. In the year 1635 Kakiali can be arrested through a duplicity in negotiations with the Netherlands. He was removed to Batavia. Year 1637, Kakiali returned to Hitu for menentramkan people Hitu an increasingly turbulent.
Kakiali come together with the Governor General van Diemen. He asks for help Sultan Hamzah of
Ternate (political compete sheep) to jointly fight Hitu. Then Governor diangkatlah Gerard Demmer. Figures of the Netherlands began a large-scale attacks to Wawani fort. In the year 1643 the Netherlands can take Wawani is cleared after the war and troops Hitu The Patiwani. Kakiali again preparing a new strategy against the Netherlands with plans to request the assistance, but he dikhianati by their own friends. Kakiali bullet killed not because of VOC. On 16 August 1643 a well that is kenalannya Francisco de Toire (a Spain) after the Dutch be corrupted by money, he killed Kakiali at the time sleeping. Kakiali stabbed with a kris sebilah. Heroes of this Wawani died instantly. However, resistance has not stopped people Hitu. Forwarded to the war years 1643 - 1646 as a war Hitu II, led by captain Tulukabessy and Imam Rijali

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