Monday, March 9, 2009

Bulu Pamali

In the first period there is a man who pekerjaanya search for firewood in the forest. When using a boat he arrived at the beach Latuhalat. Precisely at the tip of the peninsula Latuhalat, Hamlet Waimahu then he goes mountain climbing, up and down the valley So it was in the top of the mountain and he find the wood-wood there. When the sun began to sink and he rested, he would go down the valley to the beach. But the day is night, he menggambil decision to spend the night there.
Then it was to see specific disuatu eyes and a very clean place. Night full moon for light-and-menerang illuminate the place. He wanted to sleep but he can not memejamkan eyes, he disturbed the animals, among other small, gnat, mosquito and snakes. Suddenly a snake came back menelanya then memuntahkanya suddenly thundering sound as if the earth split, he became afraid and merinding fur romanya.
When the stand is also a father, old, high and a large. And he had a turn he sees only one eye feather tree growing in that place. With kemarahanya old father said that "O young people, who your name and where asalmu?" The man said, I called Yongker, manipa of origin and live in a fortress. The old father again asked, why do you petuananku enter and damage the forests in the daerahku? So with fear and trembling Yongker respectfully bowed down before the old father, and said "Father forgive and love your me, I is not beribu, not berayah, pekerjaanku daily search for wood in the forest, sold for my life needs.
So pack terkeraklah old heart, with loving he asked what you want? Yongker said, what the father gave me to receive it. Then suddenly the father to take an old piece of fur and thrust of Yongker head to toe in feathers and pull back, then get a new strength because it is in the science bekali immune from the pack of old, to protect themselves from animal - wild animals, and evil people.
Suddenly he turned back he saw a tree standing upright eyes downy and seven leaf blade indumentum apart from the tangkainya. But the leaves did not fall under the tree's flesh but that wind and be blown seven bertebrangan the leaf blade and fall in the middle of the sea and suddenly leaves that turn into seven smaller islands, now called the seven islands. Suddenly feather trees lost along with the dissipation of older fathers.
Thus the place where the rest Yongker still clean up at this time. Latuhalat villagers, especially village Waimahu consider this place a sacred place, and the feather tree is known by the name "Bulu Pamali''. Because the growth and loss of feathers is the mysterious. Eye feather that can appear sewakru-time and can be seen by certain people, namely those who have petuanan there. This is the story about "Bulu Pamali''. From this story I want to say that we are all wool, or bamboo has many uses, among others;
1. For managing their Latuhalat Bubu bamboo as a means of fishing
2. Bamboo young can be a natural rope.
3. Bamboo can be a traditional musical instrument.
4. Bamboo shoots, or known by the name of bamboo sprout vegetables can be made.
I also want to order it to us all
Do not we enter petuanan others without permission of the owner.
Let us maintain and preserve the forest and the surrounding environment in order to remain safe, healthy, rapih, and beautiful, or known as ASRI.

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