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Yeremias Latuihamallo is the main adviser Thomas Matulessy Pattimura lieutenant, he came from Porto on the island of Saparua, aged 47 years old when the war broke out Pattimura year 1817. He also mentioned the name of Salemba. At the time the UK government, allegedly killed in the British Resident Saparua. Because he is arrested and removed to Java, and then to Madras (India). Released and then settled back in Porto. He was appointed by the king of Pattimura Porto replaces W. King P. Nanlohy and Yeremias countersign "Proclamation Haria" dated 28 May 1817 in Baileu of Haria as the embodiment of determination against all the people of the Netherlands government.

\ Yeremias Latuihamallo alias Salemba caught at the end of the war. Date 24 December 1817 diinterogasi and on 2 February 1818 he was executed by hanging Ambonsche Raad van Justitie (Dutch court in Ambon). He is answerable to become advisors Thomas Matulessy main lieutenant and Pattimura consecutive responsible for all the events that have occurred. But fate is quite good. Buykes give amnesty to him not because someone was killed. Diperingan punishment to be sentenced to pembungan Java Island for 25 years. Yeremias Latuihamallo departure to exile with the ships of war "Wilhelmina"

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