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Broery Marantika The Legend

A troubadour with a remarkable ability to "turn on" a song, also known as an entertainer and there is no return until now, has been close to the age of 7 April 2000. He is Broery Pesulima.
Broery leave his wife, Wanda Latuperisa (36), and two children, Indonesia Pesulima Putra (15) and Nabilia Methaya Pesulima Putri (14). [Note: all ages here per March 2005.]
With the way the songs and a sentence-sentence as a fresh distraction when singing, not wonder if Broery, who was born in Ambon, 25 June 1948, as Simon Dominggus Pesulima, become more famous of the group that membesarkannya, The Pro's. In fact, appeared to step away more quickly pull the votes in the country and abroad.
Before you set foot in Jakarta, Broery is a member of the church choir and had a singing contest at the RRI Ambon. Menampungnya the first group in the capital is Remy Leimena in 1964. In his career journey Broery been using the family name of his mother Wilmintje Marantika, and then use the new name of his father Gijsberth Pesulima.
1967 Broery merge with The Pro's supported Pertamina. The group was founded Dimas Wahab (bass) This Pomo (wind instrument), Enteng Tanamal (guitar), and Fuad Hasan (drums). In the beginning Enteng wonder, why Dimas Broery recommend as a vocalist.
"I attended the accident a party. Broery singing When I see the benefits that are not owned by other performers. At that time I also believe he is the potential that must be extracted. But I dare to invite him to join in the Pro's," said Dimas.
Dimas founded The Pro's after the group, Madenasz, disband. The group is deliberately taking a new name of The Professional and truncated to the Pro's because members are considered to be professional. The Pro's also known as Pertamina Culture Group when appearing in the United States [USA] with the mission to introduce Indonesia.
Broery itself had admitted that indeed he is not only draw from the experience as performers, but also learn to manage themselves. Maturity, which was then on it is going through the first hitsnya, Night Wind creation A. Riyanto in 1969 after The Pro's return from Singapore.
Broery love story involving a number of women, among others, Singapore's original singer, Anita Serawak, and actress Christine Hakim. Together with Christine, Broery berduet in songs A. Riyanto like Melody Air Rain, lonely, Permata Hati, Embun Due Berderai, The Sunday Night Mesra, destruction, of Maize, Kenangan Manis, Return compliments. With the support Broery also, Christine had become a soloist in the late 1960s.
The Pro Co's Broery also act as the brand Farfisa organ with its own style. He also became the spokesperson for the group on the stage. Back from Singapore, The Pro's Pertamina fill scheduled events in the restaurant Indonesia, the Ramayana, in New York, USA, 1971. But that takes a long Fuad not so patient and out states.
The Pro version of the USA's version is different from Singapore. Besides Fuad replaced Djoko Sudarsono, Enteng replaced Ronny Makasuci. Also entering a new member Soesman Abadi. Members of the old stand is still Dimas, Pomo, and Broery own.
"This is the best formation of The Pro's," said Dimas. This formation is to continue to survive The Pro's showing in the event Melody Memory RCTI 1991. Which is different because the drum is close Djoko age and have a strengthening Chrisye The Pro's then.
If there are proud of the music group, The Pro's is the group that. Proud to play music in the sense that they love and are always promiscuous if offered a place in the concert. How is honor to be accepted, if the appearance is considered not representative, The Pro's did not receive.
Even The Pro's does not feel it is important to create and track incoming studio recordings. Indeed, there are a number of performers who accompanied the group in this hitamnya plate, but the Pro's sediri only has two record. That also carries songs and Western pop songs that have been popular Indonesian singer other property.
The Pro's are different from the Sapta Eka Widjaja Amin, which was established with a recording company. Dimas and his friends have made since the target penetrate world music stage. Before returning to the country from Singapore, Djoko go to Japan. Broery then followed and they form the group The Spokies events that fill the places of entertainment that the country sunrise.
Meanwhile, Eka Sapta also had to be in Singapore a few times ever, but only out incoming studio singer-performers accompany our wigwag Jakarta-Singapore. The quantity Eka Sapta produce more recordings than in the stage. The Pro's vice versa.
The first step Pro's in the USA (1971) lasted for eight months. To enhance the quality of aransemen, Abadi Soesman included, especially for the songs. Also add weight to the music tracks of their West aransemen back.
When The Pro's complete events in the La Paloma in the area Monas, Jakarta, Abadi is a member of the band's home is a nightclub. Appearance Abadi appeared to attract attention The Pro's and when that is the choice be. Broery a spokesman and blandish Abadi, Abadi, of course, surprised and not invited to join the group sekondang The Pro's.
In addition Abadi, The Pro's players have the option of other organs such as Rully Djohan, Delly Rollies, and from a group Andiyono The Disc.
"Seeing how the The Pro's are just terrific. Member-members not only high berpostur large, is also looking good. How do I not surprised when given the opportunity to join? Time as a member of the band's home La Paloma honor one time I play Rp 2.000, then increased to Rp 5,000. Begitu The Pro's entrance to Rp 14,000. So, I am surprised to continue to participate in the group after this, "Abadi story that was just coming out of Malang with Ian Antono [God Bless guitarist] for venture capital in city.
A nightclub is the place that time the musicians to express at the same time seeking support. From here is actually a lot of musicians-grown musicians who cooked in a field of experience, so when recording to the world they are able to bring a varied and aransemen Abadi is one of them.
Before arriving in New York, together with a group Abadi fill this new event in Wisma Pertamina in Gambir, and government officials reassure Jakarta. After some time entertaining people in other places, then they diberangkatkan.
"During the show in New York, songs Indonesian region of attention. For example Lembe Lembe the aransemennya music combined with Latin American music is similar to Santana," Abadi said that this time is to clean the master audio recordings on the Pro's in their TVRI in 1972.
Meanwhile buckle buckle Effendi Said creation of a song "nationality" Pomo build distinctive atmosphere, the restaurant raised interest visitors Ramayana origin USA for further recognize Indonesia. Broery bait Payung Use the Moon in addition to songs such as West Blowing In The Wind, It's Impossible, or Danny Boy.
Abadi carries its own special songs The Beatles. Perhaps this is the origin of the Eternal join Harry, Tattoos, and Jelly Tobing in Bharata, the group that only membawakann songs John Lennon and Paul McCartney in the 1980s.
Back to the country shortly, the 1973 Pro's departure to the USA. This time together as Chrisye picker gitas bass backup.
Singer called the original Christian Rahadi Dimas lucky because this return to the country after the occupation as a contractor Pertamina, while the need to complete the film Broery An End of Dreams dibintanginya with Benjamin and that dimeriahkan Emilia Contessa songs Favorite Group leader A. Riyanto.
Broery is also known as the actors who started with the bandit Metropolitan (1971), and Songs You (1973), They Do not Let the hungry (1975), Virgin Dreams (1976), and Istriku Unfortunately Istriku Malang (1977). In 1973 it Broery represent Indonesia in the World Pop Song Festival in Tokyo, Japan.
Prior to the USA on 16 August 1973, The Pro's still had time to participate in music festival in the Summer 28 Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, along with dozens of other music groups such as Los Marenos, Koes Plus, The Gang of Harry Roesly, Bimbo, Mercy's, The Singer, Panbers, Gods Bless, Terancem, The Disc, Freedom, Rollies, 23,761 groups, and others. The appearance in the Pro's strengthened Idris Sardi.
Absennya Dimas and Broery make Chrisye picker bas become a mainstay and performers. Chrisye that that time has not always present track Indonesia also successfully seize sympathetic visitors to the song Listen To The Music. While in The Pro's Chrisye recognize this is a lot to learn and then became the singer indeed. Unfortunately, after Abadi, Chrisye, and his friends in the country, they have a decision which can not ditawar: The Pro's fall.
"I and Chrisye are menggebu-gebu with this group, of course, very disappointed because they had to disband," said Abadi (55). Dimas, Ronny Makasuci, and now Pomo same age 58 years.
However, Abadi still feel proud to have become members of one group is most famous. However, he does not become arrogant therefore even know Abadi The Pro's honor have been 100,000 dollars when the USA appear on the evening of New Year 1992 in the Grand Hyatt Hotel.
"The Pro's group, including expensive, that we can pay five times the group honor music. The situation was indeed the cause Pro's smart aleck said. But, if compared with the situation now I think it will be another opinion," said Dimas .
[Theodore K.S., Music Industry Issues Writer]

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