Monday, January 12, 2009


Gereja Tua Banda Naira



This church built in 1852 to replace Hollandische Kerk church destroyed due to the earthquake. When unrest in Ambon, a few years ago, this church is imbasnya. He destroyed the mass. Therefore years ago when he irma to Banda is being renovated. Just some time before we come in this month of October, Mr. Governor of Maluku to Banda Naira and meresmikannya.

If the arrival of the first irma only photos outside the church, this time coming irma opportunity into. Although Mas Fahmi outside yell out, 'Hey, we're going to lose the sunset', irma not care. Time is indeed the evening and the photographers that want to immediately Benteng Belgica for sunset photographs. Hmm, not the sunset irma hunter like them. irma more interested to recognize the historic old building. As this church.

Mr. Priest welcomed us in the door of the church. Living he accompany us to see. Right below the entrance, VOC symbol printed on the floor. Wahyudi irma while holding step will step entrance. Start from the doorstep to the altar, outward-stone tomb of the Netherlands who had died in Banda. 'This is just nisannya aja or have also kerangkanya' Wahyudi said. 'Still no body, but do nothing. Aja board, 'said Mr. Priest. 'It is first kebiasaannya like this, the graves in the church.' Oh that. irma move slowly, walking while reading any posts in the tomb-stone is. Ugh, if this can be done with Mr. Lilik, Netherlands Literary UI lecturers who examine the gravestone gravestone-Dutch heritage. 'This is to remind us ...' says Ela. '... that we will die? 'irma connect words Ela. Ela nod. What tuh term, from dust to dust?

Wahyudi count. There are about 16 stone on the floor in the church. There is still some more in the terrace. Also on the side of the church. irma and Wahyudi was taking a few. While Bing, Lenny Dianty and sit-sit in a chair of the church. 'I would-puranya are praying it is,' Dianty resign. Kok malingerer? Pray I can also betulan A

Arini remind us to follow the others to Benteng Belgica. What power, the rain came down again merintik. Since our arrival to Banda morning before the rain and heat silih switch. So remember Panbers songs, 'Old Church'. Pas banget nih atmosphere.

...... only one that is not forgotten, and again at dusk old church. then drizzle, we take shelter under the roof ......

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