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Anthone Rhebok Kapten Borgor people, one of the four heroes in the war Pattimura in 1817, led by captain Thomas Matulessy Pattimura. Anthone Rhebok with Thomas and Matulessy troops seize fortress Duurstede people and lead the battle against troops of the Netherlands at the beach on the island of Saparua Waisisil. Anthone Rhebok also diserahi task by Thomas Matulessy to set the defense of the people on the island and seize Nusalaut Dutch fortress that is in Beverwijk Sila Leinitu. He was also active in the field in the battle-field Saparua Island and surrounding areas.

Heroes of the core staff Thomas Pattimura Matulessy lieutenant who is also a former army used "Limaratus Corps" reserves the UK is caught with Patih Affairs Tiouw Jacobus Pattiwael on 13 November 1817. They were transported to the ships of war "Evertsen" to Ambon. On the ship he met with panglimanya Thomas Matulessy and other prisoners. Anthone Rhebok get the death penalty hanging by a court Ambonsche Netherlands Raad van Justitie. Warlord Buyskes legitimate punishment with a decree dated 13 December 1817 No. 131. Finally, on 16 December 1817 Anthone Rhebok a gallows as the second with Thomas Matulessy execution on the ground in front of the fortress city of Ambon in Victoria

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