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Bram Titaley



Name: Bram Titaley

Nickname: Aceh and Farming Keroncong

Born: Kutaraja, Banda Aceh, March 4 1913

Died: Jakarta, May 8, 2001

Profession: Singer and soccer players

Musician Keroncong

Bram Titaley

Bram is the era of the three performers impressive. During his life he was well-known performers who can be able to sing all types of music with good rhythm. And music has Keroncong mempopulerkannya "Aceh" as a star in the art sound. Since 1930, he has become a famous singer in Indonesia that a predicate "Crocodile Keroncong".

"He combines with Hawaiian Keroncong. Because of that he could exist. At the time of an Keroncong do so he is there. Hawaiian encourage Keroncong time he is in Hawaiian. He may well. Songs ethnic Ambon, Maluku, cock him. Just name him famous' Crocodile Keroncong '. Pop songs Ambon he is very great. So not only Keroncong, Hawaiian, pop Ambon ... ... .. "I Tutupoli Bob. Similar admiration recognized by the grandson of Harvey Malaiholo, "my grandfather is a legend because hayatnya to adhere to the principle of life as a singer he, despite his past difficult times."

For Bram, the call is singing live. Sing a part of life the most meaning for him. Kecintaannya on singing, especially songs Keroncong, never fade. Although the difficulties of life often menderanya, singing make him a vibrant life. He is a symbol of persistence endeavor as a singer on the type of music choice, namely the continuing Keroncong marginalized.

In addition to the Keroncong Bram Titaley have a special place in the art sound. Bram been formed Senior Hawaiian music group popular in the 1980s. Then he spearhead the group Anggrek Hawaiian archipelago. As a singer he was also active in the arts fill the stage Jaya Ancol Art Market, sing songs from various Keroncong, pop and jazz.

Born on 4 March 1913 in Kutaraja, Banda Aceh, with the name of Abraham Titaley pair Paul Titaley and Vientje. Despite his father's army, he was active in the military music. Talent art presumably flow ditubuh Bram. And since small Bram activities often sing in the church. Hasratnya become performers Keroncong encouraged to wander Batavia when he turn 20 years old.

At the stage of market Gambir Batavia, Bram meniti career as a singer. Several times he won the singing competition in mid-1930's. Rhythm of the music is chosen Keroncong which according to him touching, romantic and beautiful syairnya. He was also famous as a singer and famous in Batavia. Besides singing, Bram was also known as a soccer player with a call "Aceh". Bram Aceh and ongoing stage to stage, where he was known as the crocodile Keroncong.

Bram melambungkannya golden voice as a singer glamor. In addition to entering the recording studio, singing Bram received an invitation from various places. He never memilah-place milah showtimes. And the voice was known when he was invited to sing at the Palace at the request of President Soekarno. Then he also frequently appear in the display glass sing songs Keroncong. Kesenangannya be depicted by him in singing such as this, "He is really happy nyanyi ya. One time he boards, he should bring the two tracks. I do not want to go down after the finish, he appears to want more nyanyi. I have enough of the song. He said one song deh again, he finally nyanyi one more song. "

Entering an 80-year Bram joined the group of senior leaders of Hawaiian Hoegeng Imam Santosa. After the group disbanded, he was the pioneer group of Hawaiian Anggrek Nusantra. Besides, he had formed the band The Orchid is active in the arts fill Jaya Ancol Art Market sing songs from various Keroncong, pop and jazz.

Bram dedication has left impressions in the field of sound art. Involvement in music Keroncong that the marginal performers mengukuhkannya as combatants. Bram seriousness in their lives sing coloring at home. Bram practice almost all the children and grandchildren to be able to sing. Family background art has had a passion for hand kemahirannya Bram sing with any condition. He was educating the children and grandchildren-grandchildren learn to express themselves by singing and appearing on stage.

Perseverance and discipline Bram educate their children work out. From her family she can bear a lot of musicians and performers who participated in the coloring of the world stage, Indonesia, one of which is the grandson of Harvey Malaiholo Bram Titaley.

Regime change is not meminggirkan role as singer Bram, Bram long journey in the art of placing voice as prominent role models. He had received various awards from the art of government. Proximity to all the shows that virginity canty without blocks. Up to the age he did not leave even though a glance kebiasaannya sing. He was always filled with the day-night singing.

Bram Titaley close lambaran his life at the age of 88 years. He died on 8 May 2001 because of old age in hospital Tebet South Jakarta and dimakamkan in TPU Menteng Pulo, Jakarta. Bram is a portrait of a singer who melakoni consistent choice of his life. Bram's presence gave the color in the world of music Keroncong Indonesia. Without Bram can find a place so difficult to study singing with a vengeance

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