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Bobby Willem Tutupoly
Surabaya, East Java, 13 November 1939
Nasution Rosmaya Suti
Sasha Karina Tutupoly
Adolf Laurens Tutupoly
Elisabeth Wilhemmina Henket-Sahusilawane
SD-Market Turi, Surabaya (1953)
SMP-Christian Wungu Embong, Surabaya (1956)
Catholic High School-St. Louis, Surabaya

Unair-Faculty of Economics, Surabaya (not finished)
-Faculty of Economics Padjadjaran Bandung (not finished)
-Head of Public Relations Pertamina, New York (1972-1976)
Manager-trap Entertainer Ramayana Restaurants New York (1972)
-Director PT Widuri Main (1977-present)
-Singer, Master of Ceremony
Other activities:
Chairman of the General Organization for Social and Family Children's Religious Affairs
Home Address / Office:
19 Jalan Pinang, Pondok Labu, South Jakarta
From various sources
About Singer Tutupoly troubadour Bob could well be a ray of light keartisannya still luminous at all times, very memaknai understand how to live. He have principles, if not much more difficult to complain because we are still under a lot of people more difficult. When the artist successfully reach the world level position nor too disanjung by the mass media, or vice versa nor dicaci-fly if not successfully reap success. Bob had the time and time again in the up or down in popularity.
Because many of the principles of life that can be extracted from the artist who started ketenarannya since start living in the decade of 1960s. Bob birth Surabaya 13 November 1939, began recording the years 1965-1966 with the album's first Christmas songs with Pattie Bersaudara. Next, Bob consecutive album launch Lilah Bertulang not successfully obtain the Golden Record award, and no sorry for you, Highest Mountain Thousand promise, and others.
Owner full name Bobby Willem Tutupoly that children born as the second of five brothers, singing talent inherited from parents. The father is Adolf Laurens Tutupoly flutist all can, so the mother Elisabeth Wilhemmina Henket-Sahusilawane a church cantor. But they are not professional art workers.
Bob has shown talent since the nyanyi still sitting on the benches in the kindergarten, in Yogyakarta. Indeed, the father did not expect too, so that even Bob is not trying to be professional performers. Because the father in the future when the artist looks bleak, bleak time. But Bob, the tread of SMP with friends already established the band group. Similarly, when high schools in the Bob

be joined by bands of origin Surabaya. Then in 1959 Bob with his friends take advantage of the opportunity to follow the band in the festival Ikada Building, Jakarta, and works out as the first champion.
Devotion to music make Bob menomor duakan lecture at the Faculty of Economics Airlangga University, Surabaya. Bob lecture in a traffic jam in three levels. When the move to Bandung, and hope can become a good student at the Faculty of Economics Padjadjaran University, the result remains the same. Bob even eager to join the Band Crescendo routine manggung in several nightclubs in the Earth Sangkuriang.
Bob then successfully joined with Bill Saragih The Jazz Band at the Riders in 1960. They include the opportunity manggung Hotel in Indonesia, a hotel and termewah favorite is the landmark of Jakarta when it. When have started living in this is Bob, in the year 1965-1966 begin work to enter the kitchen the size of the recording. He mengawalinya with sing Christmas songs with Pattie Bersaudara. Next is a story about the brilliance of light rays as a troubadour Bob can be completely, pengusung rhythm 1960s but also occasionally spiced with a variety of failures. However, when the failure is in the hands of a child is proficient memaknai human life, it can change into a new wisdom and bring glory to another.
Bob actually can not do re mi fa sol I feel so gampangnya on the success and popularity. He then presume to go to America to find a new place there. That's because since 1969 fans never again hear the hum Bertulang Lilah No, No Sorry for you, or Highest Mountain Thousand Promise, directly from the lips sweet Bob. Bob disappeared from circulation as more like a lead Pertamina owned restaurants in the city of New York, as well as the trap troubadour there.
On the New York office is the official Bob Pertamina Head of Public Relations New York (1972-1976), as well as a restaurant manager double Entertainer Ramayana New York (1972).
Bob hope and dream fumble in the end. Because Bob is a non-American artists, it difficult to cut through bureaucracy and a strong economic system to record the sound or simply appear in a stage show. Ketidakberhasilan Bob meniti career keartisan still pernikahannya worsened with the failure of a woman with a bloody America. Bob back to the country.
1977 Bob re-enter Indonesia in the kitchen recording a song to tercetuslah Widuri, a masterpiece of the national pop songs as well as sticky trademark lasting for Bob. Bob was again recognized with a Golden Record. Money from the success of the Widuri Bob utilized to purchase land and build a home office as well as Bob own the company, PT Widuri Main. This company is engaged in business development and home entertainment for the transmigrants.
In addition to all-round performers can also known as Bob stars stage. He had long entertaining television audiences as the events in a number of quiz TVRI. Bob is busy never stops. He is a clever choice of employment preservation can keep the artist himself as a stage. Bob is the music television program "Tembang Kenangan" the feel of the living memories Nostalgia year-1960s. Bob is still reluctant to make an album because averse to dealing with piracy never stop. Because the hobby of golf every time I see the sun Bob want to play golf course.
Penyuka vibrant colors of the clothes in order to bind the skin rada black, Nyong Ambon fans Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela this humble relate to the key of success for himself as one of them may have just destiny. The key to the second he had the discipline

very strong.
The key to this is probably the second that Bob is no longer repeat the failure pernikahannya. Bob Rosmaya with his wife and daughter Suti Nasution single Sasha Karina Tutupoly successful foster families, as Bob's success on the stage entertainment. For Bob have principles on the stage he is a renowned artist, but after that he is from the husband of his wife's father's only child and puppet heads of households as well as priests of the family. With Bob's position so successful philosophy to instill in the family, if not much more difficult to complain because we are still under a lot of people more difficult.
Similarly to the artists who has reached the world level position, as a senior who has a lot to feel bitter, bitter and sour-sweet world keartisan, Bob gives advice that is not too disanjung by the mass media and also do not fly when dicaci not successfully reap success . Indonesian artists the opportunity to reach the world level position Bob say the wide open because of globalization, openness, and technology so that high. All progress is an open opportunity for artists to reach the position of the world.
Bob Indonesia actually see the music is very rich but very difficult to find to-Indonesiaannya. To-dimaksudklan Bob Indonesiaan that one of them may be found on the track Widuri.


Album Title: Bob Tutupoly
Singer: Bob Tutupoly
Production year: 1976
Producers: Timothy Eugene
Production: Remaco

For a singer, successfully released a successful album and song of melejitkan become synonymous with sosoknya is an achievement that diimpikan. Many of the songs that became successful hits, but only a few who become synonymous with penyanyinya even though the song was re-released by many performers. This is successfully achieved by BOB TUTUPOLY album through its self-tittled this. This album track melejitkan Widuri ADRIADIE creation of extraordinary success, not only in Indonesia but also in Malaysia and Singapore. Saking popular, this song and then released back by many performers, even saxophonist WARREN HILL United States also had released a song in this album Any and collaborate with BROERY PESOLIMA. Terrible, until now people still know who the original song Widuri performers. That's because this track is very synonymous with Bob Tutupoly. This album may be a masterpiece along Bob career in the music industry. Other hits from this album is a favorite. This album also includes not only the new tracks, but also songs such as previous hits Bob HIGH MOUNTAIN SERIBU promise, BAGIMU MAAF and THERE'S NO LAST request.

Track List

1. Widuri
2. The sorrowful KAU
Yasir Syria
3. Longing
Yasir Syria
6. Cha cha CHA OH
Yasir Syria
Harry Toos
Ismail Marzuki
Yessy Wenas
Zaenal Arifin
13. Demand LAST
Firdaus & A. Riyanto
14. GADIS mercenary
Lightly Tanamal & Harry
15. ONLY Godaan
A. Riyanto
John Apituly
John Apituly
18. DARA certain kind of face AYU

In the dusk of a season ago,
When the rain drop
I stare Terpukau face
Ghostly light rays in the rainbow
Then you smile
I blame myself
Do not know what sort Continue
With the teardrop
You bisikkan deritamu
I am stupefied in compassion
After what happened
The length you
Living alone
Kuingin bandage wounds heart
Widuri, elegant like moon
Oh dear ...
Widuri, like beautiful painting
Oh dear ...
Widuri, open the door for the heart
Widuri, I will love

Bob Tutupoly - The enchain

Album Title: The enchain

Singer: Bob Tutupoly
Production year: 1988
Producers: Widyanarto
Production: Granada Records

BOB TUTUPOLY reach the kejayaannya in the era 70an. Songs such as hits dihasilkannya MAAF WHY THERE'S NO, THAT SIMPHONY INDAH, or the most synonymous with sosoknya is Widuri track. Bernyanyinya also experience not only in the country, his name is also popular in Malaysia and Singapore even have enough time to become performers café in the United States. Entering the era 80an start rarely hear his name. Although some of the album was released but could not produce hits, big hits as dicapainya in the previous era. This may also occur in the glamor this album. Nuanced pop jazz album released this with the help of Bob KAYHATU CHRIST as Music Director. The songs are titled the glamor, a song creation PANCE PONDAAG with the different songs that are usually produced Pance. A fun song that, especially with Christ Kayhatu mengaransirnya Brass wrapping the thick section. But unfortunately, this album is not successful in the market.

Track List

1. THE enchain
Pance Pondaag
Richard Kyoto
3. Beauty
Iwan & Mus Mujiono
4. BUKAN KU decline
Mus & Yongky Mujiono Alamsyah
Leo Manuputty
6. KAU
Minggus Tahitoe
Tommy Jipp
Junaedi Prayer
Lessy Muskitta
Georgie Leiwakabessy
THE enchain
Are you feeling
Vibration beat jantungku
Everything is just as yourself
Did you know
Uneasiness hatiku
Everything starts from the soul
The feel
How full your charm
The feel
You're very meaningful in my life
Want kunikmati
Beautiful day with you
Without any of this love yourself

10 Finalists ASEAN Pop Song Festival 1983
Album Title: 10 Finalists ASEAN Pop Song Festival 1983

Singer: Various Artists
Production year: 1983
Producers: APSF Committee
Production: Asiri

Attendance event ASEAN POPULAR SONG FESTIVAL rancu with the little pop song FESTIVAL INDONESIA, although actual purpose of the festival is held the second variant. APSF was held to find the best song that will represent Indonesia in the event is the ASEAN level, while the best song FLPI explore the festival will be sent to the world level in Tokyo. Year 1983 is the third year APSF enforcement, and finalist in the row is still not much different from the finalists in the usual wash FLPI, begitupun with performers who sing the song-songs. Selected as the best song is a song creation CHACKEN M. BOROBUDUR who were entitled by EUIS DARLIAH, Nola and MASNAIT Tilaar VG. This song is catchy with aransemen the nuances of ethnic garapan Elfa SECIORIA. In that time the name and Nola are Euis rebound, then the very day the song hits a big success when released. Unfortunately when the song festival BOROBUDUR forward to the ASEAN level, this song lost by the participants of the Philippines (KUN AKING LAN, creation Venancio A. Saturno sung Ivy Violan). But Euis Nola and was selected as a best performers. Songs other finalists also not less cool, and who also became successful hits, among others, the instinct WANITA sung THE BIG KIDS NATURAL ASA and the Vina Panduwinata sung. In this event also appears that the name PARAMITHA RUSADY that time is not yet known. The song titled ciptaannya SELAMAT TINGGAL grief selected as finalists and dibawakannya own with the older sister ULLY SIGAR.

Track List
Chacken Mailoa
Euis Darliah, Nola Tilaar, Masnait VG
2. Eulogy CINTA
Melky & Massito Bondoc
Melky Bondoc & Tuti lens
3. FEMALE instinct
Harry Toos
The Big Kids
Anton Issoedibyo
Hetty Koes Endang
5. CHILDREN fishermen
Dani Mamesah
Lex's Trio
6. MUCH THAN sweeter wine
Dani Mamesah
Anton Issoedibyo
Zwesty Wirabhuana
Hermawan & Ferina
Vina Handog
Paramitha Rusady
Ully Sigar & Paramitha Rusady
10. Grace and intimacy
Ongen Latuihamallo
Bob Tutupoly


Touch of a spectacular sunset
Act swing anganku
When the story opens ilalang
State-run fade away now
Berkilas always in her heart
In the heart, in the heart, in the heart
Face single-nan memukauku
Dove fly to arahmu
Drought turn
His cheerful nature
Happy feeling close thousand tears
You taburkan image of life
Today, this day, this day
Oh Serumpun charm away
Terlintas is like a dream
Greet worship heart
Oh no flaming desert
Dukaku now passed
Now anganku high rebound

Top Songs Festival Indonesia 1980


Album Title: 9 Songs FLPI Open 1980
Singer: Various Artists
Production year: 1980
Producers: The Committee FLPI 1980
Production: Pramaqua

Festival Songs Top 8 back to Indonesia was held in 1980. 9 songs that have become a finalist, and the winner is the song Lea ROBBY THE SIMPHONY INDAH with troubadour Bob TUTUPOLY. This song also became successful hits of that year. Other hits from this album is a song sung PRA HETTY KOES Endang, and a song that was widely used for 'new dance creations' ala 17 agustusan, INDAHNYA MUSIK U.S.. Music Director, this album is Elfa SECIORIA.

Track List
Robby Lea
Bob Tutupoly
2. PRA
Bagyo M.
Hetty Koes Endang
Anton Issoedibyo
Geronimo V
4. KAU, DIA, I
Tarida P. Hutahuruk
Berlian Hutahuruk
Roekanto D & W Esti
Yuwana, Anton, gito, Yus
Gito Rollies
Younky M. Soewarno Jonathan & Ancient
Zwesty Wirabhuana
8. SURYA equator
Roekanto D & W Esti
Harvey Malaiholo
9. MONTHS above lake
Younky M. Soewarno Jonathan & Ancient
Melky Bondoc
Alun a Symphony
conscience realize
Penetrate soul kalbuku
in one heart
Sweet, soft bisikanmu
fluty gentle voice
I light my life
Sparkler night stars
breezy winds also cool
As if life future
you can kutempuh
Berpadunya two human
Symphony and beauty
birth to peace
birth to peace
Versify and melodi
you like aroma sympathetic eraser
Surge in heart
bak mentari sejukkan you my heart
The birds are singing
the flowers are smiling
see you hibur hatiku
Heart blooms again
consoled Symphony
surely a happy life

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