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Baku pukul Manyapu

Baku Pukul Manyapu
The atmosphere in the city of Ambon on Saturday, 20 October 2007, the sudden quiet. As if migration occurs suddenly, thousands of residents in Ambon throng use land and sea transport to the country of Mamala and Morela


located on the peninsula Leihitu, Central Maluku district. The sky is not cloudy menyurutkan sad for them to step beranjangsana to the two countries are each other across the north of the island of Ambon. Not without a simple matter if the spirit so they burn like that. Section is, in every day that coincided with the seventh day after Idul Fitri or 8 Syawal on dismantling Hijriah, two of the indigenous population groups in the Islamic tradition at a broom or better known as the Baku Pukul Manyapu.

This ritual was conducted for the War Kapahaha, led by captain Tulukabessy Achmad Leakawa alias at the time of first colonization. In this event, each participant is a male speaker of the country is divided into two groups. They must then beaten by merelakan body lidi broom to hurt and bleeding. Each group is given the freedom to beat the opponent by using the broom lidi alternately. Lidi used in this event is not any lidi. Lidi used lidi is derived from sago palm sized big enough. Lidi length ranges from 1.5 to 2 meters, while the base diameter lidi reaching 1 to 3 centimeters. It is not surprising that the participants in the neck wound that just get worse. However, there is not a unique one of those who feel the pain.

Before the event started the participants gathered in a place of prayer for the elders of the traditional procession that took place smoothly and all participants were given safety. Next, they must run around the village together.

Although residents of Mamala and Morela Islamite, before the tradition is always well attended by mainly by the Christians who came from countries that have kinship [pela] is the second country. Mamala pela country has with the country Lateri, while the country Morela berpela with Waai country.


Manyapu raw materials at the event held in the Mosque of Mamala and Morela and also attended by Governor of Maluku, Karel Albert Ralahalu. Before the event started core, visitors disuguhi various events ranging from the band's local, traditional dances, to a musical performance of the country pela Christian.


Arrived in the mosque, the participants Pukul Manyapu greeted royally. They live around the field accompanied cheering spectators all the stuff that has been field and terrace mosque. The participants, amounting to about 60 people came to the holding of tens of lidi. They use only the shorts with two different colors and be naked chest. The team with the white pants wear headgear is white, while the team with the color red trousers using red headband.

Each group from each team are then face each other. With command of the match leader, Pukul Manyapu any ritual began. Shush ... plaque plaque ... ...! Beep lidi sago leaves berkelebat in the air when dipukulkan to the body. Groups


Get a direct hit innings melecutkan lidi them to groups that turn to get beaten with lidi. Rules that must be held, the group hit a new group can beat the other after the command of the rivalry. Turnover was made when the participants are approaching the place where the audience on the edge field. Spectators on the edge of the field also reciprocate the rhythm of the participants. Spectators will move forward if the participants are opposed to the side, but will be back when the move towards them. This is done in order to avoid spectators prod lidi. Sabetan little affected by the end of the lidi felt quite hot in the skin. Sketch former staggerer lidi any imprint on the entire body of participants. Fresh blood flowing from the wounds resulting from prod lidi. However, most participants still follow the procession to complete.

At Manyapu After the procession, the body of the participants in the country Mamala a bloody tasala treated with oil or oil mamala, which is a special oil that is made to treat the injured participants. Unlike the country Mamala, Morela country in the scar is usually treated with gum leaf distance. There is no rancor between them. Visitors also do not forget to take gets lidi-lidi that has been used during the procession. Have to take that as a memento, or there may also wish to try the test with a broom nyali at lidi Arriving at the house? Nothing ever know.

At Manyapu, in the annual tradition of Mamala-Morela


PUKUL MANYAPU not more foreign citizens ditelinga Maluku, particularly Ambon Island inhabit. Full religious rituals and traditional feel of this show is performed every 7 Syawal Hijriah Village Mamala and Morela Village, Leihitu District, Central Maluku regency. To cover these two villages, located in the northern island of Ambon this can be accessed using land transportation from the city of Ambon, the distance of 26 kilometers.

This traditional rite attractions packed in dozens of young people both the village. They were divided into two groups each other and stimulate the body to the opposite lidi, bone enau leaves. At the same time Manyapu progress in Mamala and Morela, page mosque in each village. Before entering the arena, the youth ran this first besiege village.

Mutual attraction whip this injury resulted in sekujur body. After the attraction, which have wound be oiled coconut oil that has been read verses in the holy Qur'an sekujur body injury. Coconut oil is used to heal wounds nutritious quickly without leaving the former.

Stories from the local community, the oil is used to connect a broken wooden mosque. Kisahnya, colonialism in the Netherlands, the island of Ambon residents to resistance which is known by the name Kapahaha War (1943-1646). After the war, the Netherlands intruksi issued to residents who inhabit the mountains down to build a village in the coastal beaches. The people who follow the teachings of Islam are coming down the mountain and build a colony on the coast.

Because the opening of the new, the mosque is also built. During the middle of the mosque, one of the stanchion was broken mosque. The customs and religion of the Imam Mosque of Imam Tuni, Head of Government Indigenous Mamala Latulehu and Large Wind Patikiambessy, deliberation and ask Imam Tuni bermunajab to Allah SWT, seeking help for the settlement of the mosque.


While sleeping at night, Imam Tuni were an old grandfather who says do not need to take heart. Grandfather gave advice in order to be lubricated with a broken timber of coconut oil that has been read prayers from the holy Qur'an verses, and then dibalut with white cloth. The instructions are delivered to the dream Latulehu, Imam Tuni requested further instructions implement the dream.

In the evening, broken wood and coconut oil be smeared white closed. Next day when the cloth was opened, broken wood ignites the magic was back. Coconut oil with a reading prayers that became known by the name of Oil Tasala or Mamala oil. The descendants of Imam Tuni until now still make oil and useful as a wound healer. This nutritious oil pembuatannya if the process is done at night 7 Syawal Hijiriah.


After the broken wooden mosque in miraculous connected, Mamala Oil khasiatnya then tested on how to stimulate the human body with a broom sekujur to lidi injured. Broken skin due to lacing lidi then be lubricated with oil, and the wound was healed as they are.

"Current ago when it became a tradition in our village. At this Manyapu become customary ritual performed every 7 Syawal, "said Mamala King Abdullah Malawat.

At this ritual Manyapu became characteristic of the two villages. When perayaannya be interesting spectacle held every citizen because many visitors who come from other regions. In addition to local visitors, this attraction is also very attractive for foreign tourists. By Office of Tourism Maluku, traditions entered this event in the calendar of tourism Maluku. (Agil)


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