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The Kabaresi Heroin of Maluku

The 'Kabaressi' Heroine of Maluku


Martha Christina Tiahahu statue stands at 8 meters above a monument dedicated to freedom fighter in Ambon, Maluku.

While Ajeng Raden Kartini is known as a heroine of women's emancipation, other national heroines are freedom fighters, such as Cut Nyak Dien in Aceh. In Maluku, the young women who dare to take the decision together with the colleagues of the men's Dutch colony.

Martha Christina Tiahahu.
Christina was born in the village Abubu, Nusalaut Island, on Jan 24, 1800. At age 17, he joined the unit in his father's guerrilla leader, captain Paul Tiahahu, in the resistance movement on the island Nusalaut. They also supported by Pattimura lieutenant, who led the combatants on the island of Saparua Waisisil war against the Netherlands.
Christina struggling in some places, including the island of Saparua against the Dutch commander was killed Richement. Commander Meyer, who replaced Richement, hit shot in the neck during the same battle, Vermeulen Kringer took over command of war in the Dutch troops in Maluku.
Together with his father and the freedom fighters, including the captain Pattimura, Christina was taken and taken by boat to the Netherlands Eversten. All prisoners were punished except Christina, who has been released because of age.

His father, Paul Tiahahu captain, and several other combatants in the Maluku capital punishment.

Tgl, 16 October 1817, Christina and her father brought to Nusalaut. They were held at Fort Beverwijk, Paul 'execution. After his father's death, Christina disappeared into the forest.
In December 1817, Christina and Maluku, and arrested 39 other people with the board Eversten transported to Java, where their labor in the coffee plantation. During the trip, Christina refuse food and refuse medical treatment. He died on Jan. 2, 1818, at sea and her body dumped in the Banda Sea.

National heroine.
After independence, the Indonesian government that the freedom fighter Maluku national heroine, so that each date of January 2 serve as a warning Day Martha Christina Tiahahu. On that day, thousands of flower petals are thrown into the Banda Sea in an official ceremony held each year to celebrate keberaniannya in the struggle for the independence of Indonesia.


Sunset in the Bay of Ambon in the eyes stare down from the monument Martha Christina Tiahahu, who stood on the top of the hill Karangpanjang in Ambon, Maluku.
In Ambon, Martha Christina Tiahahu Monument, a statue of a woman warrior who stood up to 8 meters, spear in hand, hours on the islands and bays on the hilly area Karangpanjang.
The same monument was established in place of birth, but the picture in the village Abubu look more stout.
Although Christina is shown carrying a spear in the two monuments, in the war against the Netherlands, the legend is that he is truly as stones hurled by Dutch army soldiers when he was running out of ammunition.
Because of the courage he showed resistance to the Netherlands pelurunya only with stones, the Maluku called kabaressi women (brave).
His name also graces the road in a while Karangpanjang Indonesian warship KRI name Martha Christina Tiahahu.
Yop Lasamahu in the book, from Coral Nusalaut flowers (which blooms from coral Nusalaut), has written lengkapsejarah Christina. The author is a former chairman of the Indonesian Journalists Association Maluku.
Bringing him in spirit
Maluku women's group in Jakarta, has established the Foundation Martha Christina Tiahahu, a foundation headed by the social community Maluku Djaelani Mietje Saimima.
Meanwhile, some women activists and journalists in Ambon publish the magazine Martha Christina, inspired by young people in Maluku freedom fighter. Publishing also involved some officials such as Maluku Ulahayanan Lies, head of the Office of Information and Fenno Tahalele, head of Social Affairs.


The text that is embedded in the bottom of the monument to women's freedom fighter legible: "Martha C. Tijahahu, Sea pearls Nusa (Island), Indonesia's national hero, who fought to remove from Dutch colonizers Maluku, Fall on 2 January 1818.
"Name of the magazine is only intended to show the fighting spirit Martha Christina Tiahahu, and this includes the regular women's affairs in the community," said Lies.
Maluku women's activist Rosa Pentury told The Jakarta Post that Christina's spirit of struggle should be inherited by each generation of women in present-day Maluku, although various conditions that apply now.
He also acknowledges that only a few officials during this marked Martha Christina Tiahahu Day, and much more simple, less teaching of the ceremony held to mark Pattimura Day, which falls on May 15.
Only during this year's 190. Christina's death anniversary was held in commemoration of Abubu page, in addition to the petal ceremony in Banda Sea.
"In the past, the young Christina led armed uprisings against our colonizers. Today, Maluku, women must fight injustice, poverty and other social disparities. The people in the bureaucracy, legislative and social organizations must also strive Christina's great passion for the struggle, "stressed Rosa, the head of the Foundation.

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