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Christina Martha Tiahahu :2



Date 12 October 1817 Vermeulen Kringer general ordered attacks against troops of the people, when troops of the people who reply to the attack so great with this casting stones, the officer realized that the supply of Dutch troops shot people have been exhausted.

Vermeulen Kringer give command to exit from the citadel-fastness and swing back the attack with the bayonet naked. Forces people back and stand in the forest, the whole country Ulath and Ouw trim with the land, all of which have robbed and burned completely.

Martha Christina and the father figure as well as some other combatants caught and brought to the ship in Eversten. This ship in the prisoner's Jasirah Southeast met with the lieutenant Pattimura and other prisoners.

They diinterogasi by Buyskes and dijatuhi punishment. Because it is still very young, Buyskes free Martaha Christina Tiahahu of punishment, but the father, captain Paul Tiahahu remain dijatuhi the death penalty.

Hear the decision, Martha Christina Tiahahu Dutch troops looked around with glassy stare, but a strong signal the emotional depth of the father.

Suddenly Martha Christina Tiahahu lie down in front of Buyskes forgiveness for the father who is old, but all of them useless.
On 16 October 1817 Martha Christina Tiahahu with the father being taken to Nusalaut and hold the fort in Beverwijk while waiting for the implementation of the execution of his father's death.
Martha Christina Tiahahu accompany the father at the time of entering the place of execution, and the Martha Christina Tiahahu brought back to the fortress in Beverwijk and teachers live together Soselissa.
Sepeninggal Martha Christina Tiahahu his father into the forest and hang around, such as the loss of intellect. This makes health subject.
In an operation Cleaning in December 1817 Martha Christina Tiahahu with 39 other people caught and brought to the ship Eversten to Java to be a force in the coffee plantation.
During the ship's health condition is Martha Christina Tiahahu increasingly worsened, she refused food and medication.

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