Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christina Martha Tiahahu: 3 (out)



Finally, on 2 January 1818, after the Tanjung Alang, Martha Christina Tiahahu exhale the last breath. Martha Christina Tiahahu corpse be buried with military honor to the Banda Sea.
Based on a decree from the President of the Republic of Indonesia No. 012/TK/Tahun 1969, on 20 May 1969, Martha Christina Tiahahu officially recognized as a National Hero.
For each date that conducted the ceremony on January 2 Warning National Heroes Day Martha Christina Tiahahu, and in the framework of the National Heroes Day commemoration Martha Christina Tiahahu that to 190 in 2008 The Committee has conducted various activities undertaken by the Governor pencanangannya Maluku marked with the establishment of the Women's Soccer Festival on 14 December 2007 at the Mandala Stadium Karang Panjang in Ambon and other activities, such as competition Bakr Sago, Orasi / Extension and Procurement Poster, Christina Festival, Workshop, Maluku Regional Dissemination Clothing, spontaneity Festival Lagu-Lagu Struggle, Napak Tilas, Boat Festival Ornamental, Million Tree Planting, Tabur ceremony in the Sea of Flowers, memorial service at the monument Martha Christina Tiahahu in the Village Abubu and eat with the community patita se Nusalaut District.
Themes National Heroes Day Martha Christina Tiahahu to 190 "With soul and spirit Struggle Martha Christina Tiahahu, Providing Encouragement and strength of spirit to support the Women In Development Maluku"
Commemoration ceremonies peak National Heroes Day Martha Christina Tiahahu to 190 in 2008 was conducted in the Village Abubu District Nusalaut, Wednesday 9 January 2008 with the Inspector ceremony Maluku Governor Karel Albert Ralahalu

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