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Martha Christina Tiahahu was born in Abubu Nusalaut on 4 January 1800 is the first-born son of captain Paul Tiahahu and aged 17 years old when his father led the trail on the island Nusalaut resistance. At the same time lieutenant Pattimura are the weapons of power against the Netherlands in Saparua. Resistance in Saparua Nusalaut and spreading to surrounding areas.

At that time, some troops of the people with the King and Patih move to help the struggle for Saparua lieutenant Pattimura action so that the Netherlands will take over from Benteng Beverwijk escape attention.

Teachers Soselissa the Dutch side make contact with the enemy rise-called people's claim to the Dutch surrendered. On 10 October 1817 Benteng Beverwijk fall into the hands of the Netherlands without resistance.

Meanwhile, in Saparua hostilities continue to flare for the battle. Because of the reduced supply of munition and missile forces people back to the mountains Ulath-Ouw. Among the troops that there are also Martha Christina Tiahahu and the King and Patih from Nusalaut.

Date 11 October 1817 Dutch troops under the leadership Richemont move to Ulath, but successfully beaten back by troops of the people. With the strength of 100 soldiers who, along with Meyer Richemont back to Ulath. Hostilities flare again, the victim fell on both sides.

In this battle Richemont tertembak died. Meyer and pasukannya survive in the rise of Ouw. Troops from all over the people beset, sorai cheer troops bercakalele, the cry of the menggigilkan split the air and make a stand bulu rome.

Violence in the middle of a battle that appears bobbysoxer bercakalele challenging enemy missile. He is Nusahalawano daughter, Christina Tiahahu Martha, heroine long straggling back to the irate sehelai cloth (red cloth) is tied in the head. Assisting with the Father and to give encouragement to the troops inflammatory Nusalaut to destroy the enemy, jujaro was to encourage women from Ulath and Ouw to participate in assisting you in the men's field combat.

New in this field dealing with the Dutch women who participated in combat fanatics. Increasingly fierce battle katika a missile brigade of the people

Meyer neck, Vermeulen Kringer took over command after Meyer was appointed to the top of the ship Eversten.

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