Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Putri Broery Pesulima Follow the traces of the father

NEWS - musik.infogue.com - JAKARTA, SENIN - Again, the fruit not falling far from the tree. Daughter (deceased) veteran vocalist Broery Pesulima begin to try the music industry, raising the name of the father.
Nabila Methaya Pesulima daughter, the name of the child Broery. Dara berpanggilan the familiar laya this brings one of the songs for O My God (OMG), wide-screen film comedy drama bergenre the disutradarai by Rako Prijanto and will be released later on August 1. The song is titled Missing created by Nial Djuliarso, young jazz pianists of a famous outside the country, with Vena Annisa. That is the first time the recording laya.
Informed via e-mail by the Oreima Films, which produces OMG, laya now live in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, along with brother lelakinya, Pesulima Indonesia, and his mother, Wanda Irene Latuperisa. There, he was singing at the event-amateur event. At the school, Walt Whitman High School, second year students in drag race sweep vote Walt Whitman Idol.
To support the campaign soundtrack album OMG, some time ago, is still in this month, laya syuting a music video for the song Lost in the USA. Music video is constrained by Ridi Djajakusuma and Irfan Ihsan. In addition to the laya, who took part in the album is another, Mocca and Clubeighties.
If dihubung-connect, have regard, the involvement of laya and Broery existence. OMG in the film, there are scenes Ipin figure, played by desta "Clubeighties," I confess, as Broery children.
Laya confess, some of the world to pull the vote, he is inspired by Broery. "From small I often see Papa manggung, so that inspiration brought up to now," said laya, cited by the Oreima Films. He said also, until now he still carries the love songs that have been sung by Broery.
In order to provide steps to become a professional singer, laya planning department to enter Vocal Performance Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). "I want to berkarier such as Papa, and, if more, a troubadour of quality at the international level," he said steadily.

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