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Biography BROERY


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on Friday, 7 April 2000 many people were very surprised with the message that the Moluccan singer Broery Pesulima, has passed. He owned a small group of famous Indonesian artists who also work abroad. One of the most famous hits called Mawar Widuri. His libretto Angin Malam (Night Breeze) skyrocketed through the charts.
After he was exposed to a stroke in 1998, he regularly went in and outside the hospital. He leaves a wife and two children.
Broery who was born in Ambon on 25 June 1948 as Simon Dominggus Pesulima. During his career he also uses the name Broery Marantika (after the mother's family name).
His father was Gijsberth Pesulima and his mother is Wilmintje Marantika.
His brothers are Henky, Freejohn and a half (†).
The singer was first married to the singer and entertainer from Singapore Anita Sarawak. Anita Sarawak divorce after their move to Las Vegas (U.S.). Broery then marrying Wanda Irene Latuperisa. They have two children: India and Pesulima nabila Methaya Pesulima.
Broery died in Jakarta on 7 April 2000 caused by a stroke. During his life and
After he died is one of Indonesia's leading artists.

Broery, Wanda, and children
. As a child Broery is a member of the church choir in Ambon. In 1964 he joined a singing contest conducted by Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) in Ambon. A year later he moved to Jakarta. Have a professional career as a singer was when he started participating in group Remy Leimena.
Broery have notes that the first year in 1968-1969. His popularity suddenly increased after his role in the film A Dreamland End (End of Dream), which circulates in Malaysia in 1971. In this film he sang two songs, Angin Malam (Night Breeze) and Dream sad (Sad dream). At that time he not only respected as a singer but also as an entertainer.
Somewhere in 1975 about Broery The band played in the Pro's, along with Chrisye (Chrismansyah Rahadi), Abadi Soesman, Dimas Wahab, Poma and Ronnie Makasutji.
1981 Broery fall in love with Anita Sarawak. Anita in October 1981: "I very Broery and love and we want together, whatever happens. In the period of the marriage with Anita Sarawak, Broery living in Malaysia. That is the time he changes his name to be Broery Abdullah. After they divorced, Broery back to Indonesia. He makes
the songs are intelligent with by Rinto Harahap. One is Here I am, you, So.
In November 1991 Broery win in four of the six categories in Music Festival: best video clip, best soundtrack, best composition, and producers. That night he sings Once There Was Love (lyrics by Ian Rod Thompson).
Broery for the first time a stroke suffered on 23 September 1998, after jogging with his wife Wanda. He stays in the hospital for one and a half months. After recovering he manages to complete his duet album with Dewi Yull, 20 Special Nostalgia. He also finished Keroncong and 30 years in the Review (which consists of songs the most popular attractions such as wind and dreams sad).
Current environment is improving Broery give witness in various church activities. However, on 14 May 1999, he suffered another stroke while singing in church. It is this second stroke that paralyzes him. He can no longer speak and he spent most of the time lying in bed with eyes closed.
On Friday morning at 7 April 2000 Broery pass away, without treatment by his wife Wanda. He is on a mission church in Los Angeles, the United States. One and a half years after the first stroke he died in hospital Puri Cinere, South Jakarta. He leaves his wife, Wanda Latuperisa, 31, and two children, Indonesia Pesulima Putra (10) and Nabilia Methaya Pesulima Putri (9).
Singer-TV entertainer Bob and Tutupoly, Broery's close friend, can not see Broery suffering. 'I do not see him standing in convulsions,' Bob tells Sri Rahayu's Drianurmini Gatra. Chrisye his colleagues also feel sad. 'Broery is a dedicated singer, Chrisye says. 'There are many singers, but can only really Broery sing, with all his heart

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