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Philips Latumahina Lieutenant Borgor people, one of the four heroes in the war Pattimura in 1817. Thomas Matulessy together with the people and troops seize fortress Duurstede Dutch defense in the central city Saparua and help in the battle against Thomas of the Netherlands on the beach in Waisisil Saparua. Philips also led the battle-field in Saparua, Tiouw and places of other hostilities in Jasirah Hatawano and Jasirah Tenggara (Ouw - Ullath).

Hero is a core staff Matulessy captain Thomas Pattimura is also a former army used "Limaratus Corps." He was caught with Johanis Matulessy brother Thomas Matulessy on 13 November 1817 by army Lieutenant Veerman in Forest Booi - Paperu. They were arrested and transported to the ships of war "Reygersbergen". On 12 December 1817, Ambonsche Raad van Justitie (Dutch court in the city of Ambon) impose the death penalty hanging over themselves Lieutenant Philips Latumahina. Vonis passed by this Laksanaman Buyskes with a decree dated 13 December 1817 No. 129.

On 16 December 1817 morning, witnessed by the judges, Alifuru troops from Ternate and Tidore and people of the city of Ambon, Philips Latumahina the hanging. Philips who first ascended gallows. When the hangman carry out its duties, Philips darted down the rope gantungannya dropouts, for large body, fat and strong. With already gravely, to tow him up again and then installed a new trick again some time later the hero is killed

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