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Understanding: Salawaku means shield, this shield is a protective equipment used by the heroes in maintaining NKRI Patimura from colonial Belanda.Sedangkan as a weapon at the time was Parang, therefore, the weapons used by the people
Maluku in the Dutch colony is SALAWAKU Parang.
History: Salawaku made of wood coated pernak similar moneychangers, and given a mantra by The lieutenant or perang.Siap dimantrai Salawaku be used by soldiers to fight the enemy in battle. According to the story Salawaku can not be penetrated by bullet sekalipun.Sekarang this Salawaku used at the time of reception guests or in the traditional dance Cakalele or war dance.
So little comment about the usual Salawaku a katong in Ambon / Maluku.

Lawamena Haulala

"Maju Terus Pantang Mundur".

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