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1. MASA Pattimura life that has meaning as a leader of the people is too short, approximately seven months just to get a broader picture of the man or the depth Thomas Matulessia, so that means for the people Pattimura figures can only be understood when he was placed in a climate of war as a commander war. He is also the community's life as normal children of the people, so that the new act and actions can be understood, when we know the circumstances in how people are at that time.
3. In semcam climate that is born a son, named Thomas, from the family Matulessia. He was born in the year 1783 in the country Haria. Frans Matulessia marriage and Fransina Silahoi birth to two sons are among the next Johannis Thomas better known as the captain Pattimura.
4. Boyhood Thomas unknown people. He was a child among hundreds of ordinary people's children Haria da Porto. He was a son of Lease beribu the same boat with thousands of children from the third island in the living cengkraman because of lack of monopoly Kompeni. During the little he saw people sekampungnya including the father and uncle and his brother, was forced to work order.
5. In such atmosphere that Thomas became increasingly mature, and understand how heavy the burden of the people. At the time Thomas was thirteen years old change of government occurred. On a day at the end of the year in February 1796, resident told the king that one Saparua arombai prepared for mengangkutnya to Ambon, as called by the governor Cornabe. Go it with military commanders and pengawalnya to the capital. Upon return, the masnait broadcast news that there is a tremendous rush in the city of Ambon. Ship-British war ships anchored in the harbor. They see the flag fly at the British fort Victoria, while the British army patrol and parade in the streets.
6. British commanders as envoys from Laksamana Pieter British governor in Ambon, the language through an interpreter conveyed the message from the king Willem V fled to a small town in the UK because of the war with France where the king has issued instructions in the "Kew letter" so that all in the Dutch colony Kompeni Africa and Asia to the UK because the Netherlands has been occupied by France.
7. During the UK government is running a lot of money circulating in the community. Production people are paid fairly reasonable. Welfare dipertinggi again with the establishment of a military corps of Ambon, which is quite high salaried and uniformed both. Government diperlunak country. Kings and the governor is not allowed to punish people. Freedom of movement used by Thomas and youths Lease time to paddle to Ambon.
8. When the announcement was issued to call young men to join the UK, Thomas and his friends immediately enrolled and received in the Corps of Ambon with the five hundred young men haria other. Thomas has been a man, tegab strong and sturdy body. He shows competence, skill and leadership that exceed his friends, so he quickly move up. He was a leader of friends, from the sergeant and a sergeant major.
9. During the perjuangannya, among others, Thomas with his friends overthrow Benteng Duurstede inhabited by the Resident and relatives and pengawalnya, and sepasukan soldiers and a number of people borgor. At the time of the morning assault that Thomas also was a lieutenant in the army's lead. Meanwhile, troops moving Pattimura and shoot the soldiers who are busy working outside the fort until the next day and in the violent atmosphere of war was on 6 March 1817, the kings and the governor to invite people to gather at the border Tiow, in this discussion lieutenant expand the war situation that faced the people.
10. After some stage struggle / war lieutenant Patimura aground in the struggle and he was succeeded by the Netherlands. Date 18 November 1817 Eversten (Netherlands) Saparua to leave Ambon with the thirty-three soldiers are injured, including a gash Meyer and a number of prisoners, of which twenty two war leaders, with Overste Groot Reygersbergen to depart on Hila dated 23 November, ready to go to Seram, with the accompaniment kora-kora alifuru Ternate and Tidore, then Thomas (Kapittan Patimura) and friends brought to Ambon.
11. Arriving in Ambon Thomas and his friends be caged in a cell in Benteng Victoria. After the interrogation stage, at the beginning of December 1817 the leaders on the war are Ambonsche Raad van Justiti (Council of the Court in the South) that diketuai JHJ. Moorress and the public prosecutor RH. Cateau van Rosevelt's Timmerman. After meeting several times vonis be. Four leaders, namely Thomas Matulessia (Pattimura), Said Command, Anthone Rhebok and Philips Latumahina be hanging until death, while Thomas got additional punishment that is mayatnya will swing in the iron cage to be on people with a view to menakut-nakuti people.
12. Thomas Matulassia men Kabarasi, burly in the battlefield, burly also the dust of death. With tegab without doubt it a gallows. Arriving on the views posted to the top of the head of their enemies, look far to get there where the people stand up, the people that he wanted to dibebaskannya. But it was not successful. Now he will redeem perjuangannya with the soul raganya. The time has arrived, butcher string twist his neck. Eyes directed to their enemies, stop at the master-master judge. "Congratulations to stay master-master," the parting words of Thomas Matulessia. Drum sounds .... and farewell to the afterlife, heroes. Sacrifice you have provided. But the enemies have not been satisfied. Thomas Jenazahnya included in the iron cage, swing, and then brought to the major eastern city. There, the hero is not a soul on view to the people.
13. Pattimura captain has completed baktinya. Enthusiasm radiate from year to year, to provide inspiration for young Pattimura-Pattimura that rise forward perjuangannya, liberate people from the chains of occupation

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