Monday, April 13, 2009

Banda Sea Cruises

The Jewel of Indonesia

Time above water in Banda uncovers many treasures, historical and cultural, which the Archipelago team are excited to share with those aboard, rather than purely concentrating on Banda Sea diving. Archipelago land expeditions are offered during Banda Sea cruises to explore Banda and it's remaining heritage sites from periods of Dutch, Belgian and English control. During one excursion possible on Banda sea cruises, guests can explore Banda relic 'Fort Belgica' situated on the hills ominously overlooking the town, cannons still reside in the turrets protecting the walls of the fort.

Divers can look around a Dutch Palace, the remaining nutmeg plantations and experience simple local markets, hunting for produce and souvenirs. The local museum also displays varied artefacts from the many periods of occupation and for the very fortunate, even Banda Sea diving can offer the opportunity to discover bottles or other relics from past centuries.

Banda Sea cruises offer the unique opportunity to explore and experience the islands aboard the Archipelago Adventurer II the premium liveaboard for Banda Sea diving, Archipelago voyages are exceptionally rewarding for divers and explorers alike.

The arrival and departure port for Archipelago Fleet Banda Sea cruises is Ambon and, even here, a wide variety of excellent quality dive sites can be found, Ambon is indeed the gateway to Banda Sea diving. The extent of exploration and Banda Sea Diving is only curtailed by the length of time on board the Archipelago Banda Sea Cruises.

During extended cruises the Archipelago Adventurer II can visit the islands of Saparua, Nusa Laut and Koon for idyllic diving at the more inaccessible sites of Banda Sea. Cruises aboard the Archipelago liveaboard provide the perfect platform to unlock the most remote dive sites.

Banda Sea Diving; Plus So Much More

While aboard the Archipelago Adventurer II Banda Sea cruises, divers can explore Maluku and a remarkable variation of cultural and heritage sites. One of the most inviting features of the region has to offer is without doubt the excitement and enthusiasm with which visitors are welcomed by the local communities. Archipelago has developed relationships with many different groups who eagerly interact with dive groups and visitors, showing their genuine warmth and affection.

Koon, Ambon and Nusa Laut are all great Banda Sea diving destinations while exploring during Banda Sea cruises, as all have an interesting array of forts, beaches and scenery to visit. The islands also have bustling settlements to explore. In addition to excellent Banda Sea diving, the culture found topside in the region provide a welcome variation during Archipelago Fleet's Banda Sea cruises.


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