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Hatta and Sjahrir Once exiled Here
There are several locations in the archipelago of islands that were closely related with the history of national movement toward the birth of country Indonesia Merdeka. One location was the Banda Neira, Banda Island, including the collection of Maluku Province.
In the decade of 1930-a small group of national leaders that the movement is classified as intellectual leaders exiled here by the colonial Dutch East Indies government. Because this location is very isolated environment with the beautiful scenery, figures that the exiled move freely, can rent their own home, receive the letters and number, and send letters to their family and friends.
Two leaders of a group that was exiled, and later prominent in the history of the Republic of Indonesia is Mohammad Hatta (later to become vice president, prime minister, defense minister and foreign minister), and Sutan Sjahrir, RI's first prime minister (November 1945 - June 1947 ), as well as ministers in the country and the foreign minister. He was also assigned as a special envoy to President Soekarno session of the UN Security Council in the Lake Success, Long Island, United States (U.S.) in August 1947.
Banda Islands have become the focus of fierce international trade in 17th century and the century-18 between Portugal, Spain, UK and the Netherlands. Nutmeg, clove, cinnamon is produced in the islands of Banda has the quality of being famous in London, Amsterdam and Hamburg in the 17th century and to 18-bits is like gold.
Mixing between the old history of the maritime countries of Europe, and fierce competition, even in the sea battle between them to dominate the supply of various types of spices and the history of the modern movement's national anti-colonialism take a visit to Banda Neira is a beautiful experience as a full sense of haru .
I visited Banda Neira recently (9 -12 May) with a small entourage on the invitation of Pak Des Alwi and daughter, Tanya Alwi. We participate in the group of Ambassador (Dubes) Netherlands koos van Dam (visit the second time), Dubes Singapore Ashok Mirpuri, Deputy Head of U.S. Representative John Heffern and his wife Libby, Representative Director of the Library of Congress in Jakarta Bill Tuchrello along with his wife Anita. Also a daughter of Bung Hatta, Hatta Gemala into focus the attention of local residents, especially older generations who still remember his father.
Des Alwi Who? He is aged 80 years, but still emit a buoyant spirit of life. Bung Bung Hatta and Sjahrir as political prisoners arrive with the boat from Papua (formerly West Niew Guinea with a political exile in the Boven Digoel) in early February 1936. When the ships come, they get a male youth who are swimming, whether in the home where the doctor Tjipto Mangunkoesoemo, also a movement of exiled leaders. Two teenagers that take visitors to the newly arrived Doctor Tjipto Mangoenkoesoemo house, now listed as the largest public hospital in Jakarta. That initial meeting with the Des Alwi Hatta and Sjahrir. They provide education and guidance to Des and he then follow the mentor. He was involved in the Proclamation of Independence, fierce battle in Surabaya, as a diplomat, and support PRRI / Permesta because they do not like to see follow-horn President Soekarno. Services is probably an important role in business diplomacy asked to end the confrontation with Malaysia (1966) with Ali Moertopo and Benny Moerdani.
Placed in the group of us managed Maulana Hotel Des Alwi, often referred to as the "King of Banda." He was stubborn as a central Banda promote tourism. We invited around to see houses that have been inhabited by Bung Bung Hatta and Sjahrir now maintained as a museum. Des Alwi stories about customs and idiosyncrasy of each figures that.
Apparently they both lived one house. Sjahrir like to enjoy classical music (Beethoven, Mozart, and Hayden) gramafon through play. One day, Des Alwi Hatta told the instrument was quite far away, because konsentrasinya disturbed when working. "Sjahrir that the West-to-an", according to Hatta. Dec Sjahrir be reproved, why move gramafonnya. And Des report. "My to-West-an? That Hatta, he dreams in the Netherlands. I know ...," grouse Sjahrir.
Des Alwi has published several books about her experiences, among others, History of Banda Neira (Jakarta 2005).
Maria Duchateau
On an afternoon in the night, when light rain, I walk toward the house once inhabited Sutan Sjahrir. One mother, old, guards the house, opened the door and set the lights. I alone tatap photos displayed on the wall. Some still have the furniture, beds, bookcase. Sjahrir author a letter of earnest, Duchateau addressed to Maria, his wife at that time in the Netherlands. Moreover, when he was exiled in Banda Neira and the monthly allowance the rather, quite often he write to his wife.
E-mail is collected, and edited with dipilah disregard that very time. After the Netherlands free of Nazi German occupation in mid-1945, edited a collection of letters was published with the title Indonesische Overpeinzingen (Oil India), author Sjahrazad. A young U.S. diplomat who served in the U.S. Consulate General in Batavia (Jakarta) in the late 1940's to translate the book. He added a new chapter on the experience Sjahrir, after he and Hatta transported by amphibious aircraft in the U.S. in February 1942, before the Japanese attacked the Moluccas, the Surabaya. And then released. The book was titled Out of Exile by Charles Wolfe Jr. (New York 1949). This is the version which is then translated by HB Jassin with Notes by End Soedjatmoko (Ghana and Action, Jakarta 1990).
I still remember when you first read the collection letter Sjahrir (Sjahrazad), probably in 1947, when I was in Junior High School in the Netherlands in Jakarta. One of the nephew's father had the story about the book. He said, is the Prime Minister Sjahrazad Sutan Sjahrir.
In a few days I repeatedly tekuni Indonesische Overpeinzingen. Words that are difficult, I examine in the Dutch dictionary. Not only Dutch I grow quite well, but more importantly, the book encourages pendewasaan political thought.
Some excerpts from the letter-suratnya it is still interesting, even inspiring. For example, at the end of the year, 31 December 1936 at her home in Banda Neira, Sjahrir menggumuli view of life in the West and East for a long letter. Among others, tulisnya: "West" mean for the life of the surge, pushing forward the life, dynamic life ... What I admire and like in the West, a vitality that is not perishable, love and desire in life, the life of perfection .. . So this should be the East West, namely in the East that should reach a similar amount of vitality, an awareness of the same dynamic as the size of the West "(HB Jassin translation).
How intensifnya power analysis Sjahrir appear from his comments about the civil war in Spain berkecamuk in decades in 1930-an that. He complained that the radio station and newspapers do not provide in depth analysis about the conflict that is very basic, that is, the confrontation between fascism and democracy in Spain crash.
In suratnya dated 25 March 1937 from Banda Neira, Sjahrir write renungannya "I do not believe that the crisis-a crisis in Spain and the Pacific will be completed separately. Both will only be able to find solutions in a crisis the whole world. When the crisis is akan peak and when will the world war broke out, only just a matter of time "(Note: The war in Europe exploded in September 1939 and in the Asia / Pacific in December 1941).
He added in the letter of the same "is related to the situation of this world also, and I in the back once again ponder the future of our national movement .... a case of mad if we think and act as though there is no a change, for we remain a Dutch colony "(HB Jassin translation).
The mother, old, guards "House relegation Sutan Sjahrir" apologize. He would return home after the grandchildren and had to close the doors and turn off lights. Kutatap moment in the wall of photos I had never see: the President Soekarno and PM Sutan Sjahrir, may in Yogyakarta in 1947, both the familiar laugh. Relationship and they both sprawl.
Who somehow imply false info to President Soekarno (Indonesia Communist Party?), Sjahrir be political prisoners in early 1962, because the accused involved in a business coup. After suffering from sickness, he died in hospital in Zurich in April 1966 is still in the status of political prisoners.
What must therefore kejamnya political competition? Yesterday each of the enemy with arms, and suspect each other and the one-menyalah use the power to destroy political opponents.

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