Monday, March 2, 2009

Find Thousand Beauties In Maluku

Maluku is one of province in Indonesia that located on the east of Indonesia territory which the Capital town is Ambon. As the other provincee in Indonesia, Maluku also has unique culture that only can be find in this province. Like traditional song and dance.

Not only traditional culture, entertainment also can be gotten by visiting currently tourist destination. You can try to see many tourism places in this provinces. You will get nice holiday if you decide to visit one or all of tourist destination listed below:

Maitara Island


Do you know that this island is drawn in piece of Thousand money in Indonesia. Historian sid that it was drawn in Florida. As the beauty of this island it has visit people attention. It has white sand on the beach and in front of this seashore there is beautiful scenery that can be found under sea water. They are fishes with many kinds and also sea stones.

This island is located between Tidore and Ternate island. We can reach this place in easy way. Just ride speed boot from Bastiong harbor in Ternate to this island for 10 minutes.

Tidore Island

This Island was known as an Island that rich of spice. That is why it was visited by people from the other country in past time. We also can see many clove field that become one of main commodity in this island. Kimatubo Mountain that rarely climbed by people also offer you who like challenge. If you like calm atmosphere, fresh and clean you can go to Topo village to enjoy the green of garden.

Gala Music

This is one of traditional art in North Maluku. To play this music we need some traditional music equipments such tifa, tambourine, maruas, gong, flute and fiol. You will see the perfect of this music when you listen to this music while see traditional dance that called Gala dance. This dance usually held to welcome special guest. It is replica of people for guest coming and you also can dance together with all of dancer there.

Soya-soya Dance

This dance was created by humanist to appreciate historical memory that happen in Baabullah period. At the time Baabullah king want to take his father copse that was killed by colonialist. It shows patriotism of Tidore people.

You will get the other beauty from Maluku if you spent someday there. Because it is not enough to see tourism object that has thousand of beauties in a day.

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