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Travel to the South is part of the work schedule [pda] Documentation Center-Architecture-on project identification and inventory strongholds in Indonesia. This large project is planned with 3-stage where the whole record is tahap1 strongholds in Eastern Indonesia, including the province Maluku, North Maluku, Papua and West Irian Jaya, and then on the next stages for the Central and Western India.

At 1 was recorded strongholds that are still there and found 112 of the fruit, while some forty other names have been living without leaving the former again. The overall number of forts in the East Indonesia is an approximately 140-units.




One of the fortress which is still in good condition Fort Amsterdam. This fortress was restored by the government, is located on the island of Ambon, Maluku province. Initially, the fort is a building housing made of wood (blokhuis), and in 1637 restored a residential building of stone. Around 1640 housing this year restored again and upgraded to become a fortress, called Fort Amsterdam. This fortress is the second Dutch fort on the island of Ambon, after Kasteel Van Nerre which was built in the area called Seith.




Building square-shaped fortress measuring 52 × 52 meters, consists of a 3-storey tower with one out, but the tower is now disappeared and left behind only the former-former pondasinya only. First ground floor of the fortress has a prison space and munition storage facility, and work as a top floor residence of the Netherlands.




From the location, Fort Amsterdam easy either by road or sea. Access road through the asphalted road with good condition and passed by public vehicles, and the fort is directly adjacent to the Seram sea, so the achievement of the sea is very possible. In building their own condition and maintained, when we are on the floor 3, has a 360 degree view that special (to the sea, hills and to the settlement). Few outside the fence of a small fort there that seem to place as planned berfungi information. Unfortunately this function is not running properly so it does not much that can be obtained from here.

Potential Fort Amsterdam which is very unusual indeed feasible to be used. Nevertheless, it seems, very hard effort is needed and the funds of the fort so that this can be a part of life and beneficial future for the local community.

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